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Examples of operations related to Axis I

Education and vocational training

Description of the intervention

Courses that the students can attend to obtain a qualified certification (with three years of training) or a professional diploma (with a further fourth year). The courses are organized by accredited training institutions. They provide students with basic and technical-professional skills, include practical activities in the laboratory, lessons by experts from the labor force and training periods in companies.


Youth who have completed lower secondary schools.


To offer young people a job-oriented training opportunity; increase the number of young people with qualified certification, to combat the dropout rate.

  • Calls for Tender 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018
  • Number of approved projects: 624
  • Number of recipients: 19.510
  • Resources: 200.645.850,86 EUR

Training of new skills in the strategic sectors of regional economy

Description of the intervention

Training courses that issue qualified certification, certificate of competency, or a regional professional qualification. The courses are organized by accredited training institutions and are designed with companies that express the need for specific professionals. The intervention is based on three macro areas, which correspond to the strategic productive sectors for the regional economy. Training for Industry 4.0, training for the agri-food system, training for tourism, trade and services. The courses are selected through just-in-time calls, to respond quickly to the occupational needs of companies.


Unemployed adults who need to adapt their skills to the demands of companies.


Investing in the skills necessary to support companies in innovation processes, to promote the qualified entry of people into the labor market.

  • Calls for Tender 2017 and 2018
  • Number of approved projects: 145
  • Number of recipients: 1.825
  • Resources: 10.229.344,36 EUR

Business strategies

Description of the intervention

Training courses addressed to companies, with the purpose of providing the skills necessary to design and implement product and process innovation strategies, as well as organizational and management strategies. The paths, co-designed by the accredited training societies and by the companies themselves, are structured in plans aimed at the business systems of manufacturing and service sectors, the tertiary sector or service industry sector, as well as the tourism sector.


Entrepreneurs and key figures of the companies involved in the activity plans.


To guide companies towards processes of internationalization, digitalization, and sustainable development.

  • Calls for Tender 2016
  • Number of approved projects: 100
  • Number of recipients: 7.757
  • Resources: 9.673.503,04 EUR

Data updated to 31/12/2018 (from Annual Implementation Report)

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