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Social inclusion

Examples of operations related to Axis II

Social inclusion of vulnerable people

Description of the intervention

Integrated territorial plans that include a series of personalized measures of active labor policy, including orientation, support for work placement, internships and training courses carried out by accredited training institutions and by private agencies accredited to provide services for the work.


Persons who, due to the presence of work, social, or health problems, find themselves in a condition of particular fragility and vulnerability.


To support social inclusion through the employment of the most vulnerable people in need.

  • Calls for Tender 2016 and 2018
  • Number of approved projects: 76
  • Number of recipients: 5.277
  • Resources: 40.000.000,00 EUR

Inclusion of young people and adults in the penal system

Description of the intervention

Personalized measures for the social and working inclusion of adults and minors who are in prison. The measures, carried out by accredited training institutions, differ according to the age and needs of each recipient. For adults, guided interventions intend to support job placement, training courses to acquire a professional qualification and traineeship-internships. For young people, guided interventions, training courses with practice in the workplace, such as traineeships – internships.


Adults held in prisons and persons admitted through alternative measures into the penal system, minors and young people (14-25 years) undergoing criminal proceedings and in the Juvenile Justice Center of Emilia-Romagna.


To guarantee the social/working inclusion of people in prison; offer adults access to means and courses of action to combat social vulnerability, discrimination and job exclusion; to guarantee minors and young people the right to training for full reintegration with an active and productive role in society.

  • Calls for Tender 2015, 2016, 2017
  • Number of approved projects: 97
  • Number of recipients: 1.730
  • Resources: 5.119.587,03 EUR

Active inclusion of victims of human trafficking or violence

Description of the intervention

Orientation and training courses for the acquisition of new skills, both basic and professional that allow for job placement, as well as traineeships - internships. The training courses are carried out and organized by accredited training institutions.


Victims of trafficking and violence.


To allow people to enter the labor market and through a work income, even autonomous, to get out of disadvantaged conditions and marginality.

  • Calls for Tender 2015, 2016, 2017
  • Number of approved projects: 6
  • Number of recipients: 1.649
  • Resources: 2.706.599,66 €

Data updated to 31/12/2018 (from Annual Implementation Report)

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